(33) Dance Historian Doug Fullington on ‘Le Baiser de la Fée’ or ‘The Fairy’s Kiss’

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This week happy to welcome back Doug Fullington, assistant to the artistic director at Pacific Northwest Ballet and the company’s education program’s manager. Mr. Fullington is a lauded dance historian, capable of reading Stepanov notation, a classical ballet notation system developed in Russia. He’s contributed to the reconstruction of many 19th century works, including ‘The Daughter of Pharaoh’, ‘Le Corsaire’, and recently, PNB’s ‘Giselle’. In 2000, he was named principal researcher for the George Balanchine Foundation’s  project entitled ’Popular Balanchine’.  A few weeks after the recording of this episode, Alexei Ratmansky, Lourdes Lopez, and a small group of Miami City Ballet Dancers joined Doug at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City for their Works and Process performing arts series.  Doug was the moderator for this event which delved deeper into Alexei Ratmansky’s World Premiere for Miami City Ballet, “The Fairy’s Kiss,”  set to the Stravinsky score, entitled “Le Baiser de la Fée.” Today we chat with Doug, who offers us a behind the scenes look into the Works and Process event and provides a fascinating examination of the history of this score that has challeneged choreographers since it’s inception.

For a link to the full video of the Works and Process event at the Guggenheim with Doug, Alexei, and Miami City Ballet, check out our Facebook page facebook.com/conversationsondance.

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