(37) Kathryn Morgan, former New York City Ballet Soloist

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This week we are joined by Kathryn Morgan, former soloist with the New York City Ballet.  Born and raised in Mobile Alabama, Kathryn moved to New York City in 2004 to train at the School of American Ballet to continue her ballet education. In June 2006 she joined NYCB as an Apprentice and was promoted to Corps member the following year. In 2012 an autoimmune illness forced her to leave the company in order to regain her health.  After leaving, she built a wildly popular YouTube channel and has developed a loyal social media following.  Kathryn is back to dancing now and in addition is teaching master classes, speaking around the country, has her own podcast and app, and has more in the works.  Today we speak with Katie about her time with New York City Ballet, her meteoric rise, the difficult decision to leave the company, and what she loves about her career as it is today.


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