(52) Georgina Pazcoguin, Soloist with New York City Ballet & Broadway Dancer


As part of our New York Tour, we went to the apartment of Georgina Pazcoguin, Soloist with the New York City Ballet.  Georgina grew up in a large family in Pennsylvania.  In 2001 she attended the School of American Ballet for the year, became an Apprentice in 2002, and a corps member the following year.  In 2013 she was promoted to soloist.  Georgina has spent time performing on Broadway while continuing her ballet career: appearing in the 2016 “Cats” revival, “On the Town,” “A Chorus Line,” among others.  This extra-curricular element to her career isn’t the only thing that sets her apart.  She has said that though she loves being called a ballerina, she sees herself as the complete antithesis of the stereotypical ballerina.  So she says, “think of me as the rogue ballerina.” As we sat with Gina in her apartment, we created a video of our interview.  She sits across from us doing exercises for her knee that she recently dislocated, with her crutches in the background.  To watch our interview, see below.  Today we talk with the Rogue Ballerina about what it was like to dance in New York in the aftermath of 911, what challenges she came up against in her first years in the company, how she created a niche for herself, and how she works to break out of it.

In Person with Georgina Pazcoguin:

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