(83) Meg Booth, Director of Dance Programming at The Kennedy Center

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This week we head back in our archives to our time at The Kennedy Center in October of 2017.  With this episode we are delighted to share an inside look into the world of arts administration.  We are speaking with Meg Booth, Director of Dance Programming at The Kennedy Center.  Meg attended the University of Notre Dame where she recieved a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. She began her work in the arts at North Carolina Dance Theatre before joining IMG Artists as an Associate.  She went on to work with Twyla Tharp and Mikhail Baryshnikov before landing at The Kennedy Center as the Marketing Manager.  After 4 years in that  position, in 2007, Meg would become responsible for all the dance seen on Kennedy Center stages.  Hear her talk about her journey, how she decides what companies and works to bring to Kennedy Center audiences, and the puzzle of logistics she goes through to bring these world class performances to fruition.

As a note, we wanted to bring this episode to you in conjuction with the announcement of The Kennedy Center’s 18-19 season of dance.  Since this was recorded in October, it was before the final performances of The Suzanne Farrell Ballet.  Since Meg is the administrative Director of The Suzanne Farrell Ballet, we talk at length about the company and what was expected from the final performances.  For more on what is coming to the Kennedy Center in their new season, visit tkc.com/newseason.

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