(99) Michael Novak, Artistic Director Designate of the Paul Taylor Dance Foundation

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This we we are delighted to welcome Michael Novak,  the Artistic Director Designate of the Paul Taylor Dance Foundation. Raised in Rolling Meadows, IL, Michael began studying dance at age ten.  In 2001, he was offered a Presidential Scholarship to attend The University of the Arts in Philadelphia to pursue training in jazz and ballet. The following year, he undertook an apprenticeship at the Pennsylvania Academy of Ballet Society, where he remained until 2004.  After moving to New York City, Michael was admitted to Columbia University’s School of General Studies where he was awarded scholarships for academic excellence.  After being a freelance dancer in New York City for many years, Michael joined the Paul Taylor Dance Company in 2010. This past May, Paul Taylor chose Michael as a successor, naming him artistic director-designate of the Paul Taylor Dance Foundation.  Michael is 35 and will continue on with the company as a dancer.  Today we talk with Michael about what brought him to dance, finding Paul Taylor and his choreography, and what has happened since Paul called him in March with some big news.


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