(124) Patricia Delgado and Jared Angle

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This week we head back into our vault from our time at the Vail Dance Festival last summer.  Today we speak with former Miami City Ballet Principal dancer, Patricia Delgado, and New York City Ballet Principal, Jared Angle.  Even though they have never danced in the same company, many gigs have brought them to dance together, especially at the Vail Dance Festival.  So we sat down with them to talk about what makes their special partnership work.  This year they danced the central pas de deux of Justin Peck’s new work created at the festival “Rise Wait Climb Through”, with music created by Caroline Shaw.  We chat about what we would like to see them dance together next year in Vail, about dancing Year of our Lord from Year of the Rabbit together, and about the process of Justin’s new work that had it’s premier later that night. 

This episode is brought to you by Yumiko and The Vail Dance Festival.

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