(162) Erin Baiano, Dancer Turned Photographer

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This week on Conversations on Dance, we talk with dancer turned photographer, Erin Baiano from the Vail Dance Festival. If you follow Vail Dance Festival on social media, it is Erin’s beautiful photos that tell the story of the festival, from rehearsals to performances.  Erin grew up on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and attended the School of American Ballet before joining American Ballet Theater.  She danced with ABT for 6 years before retiring from the stage.  She quickly found a love for photography and was rented by culture photographer, Paul Kolnick.  Her work has been published in Vanity Fair, Time Out NY, Entertainment Weekly, InStyle, Cosmopolitan, New York Magazine and various other publications.  Hear Erin talk about her dance career (including her role in the movie, ‘Center Stage’), about how she became interested in photography, how Paul taught her how to photograph dance, and her role at the Vail Dance Festival.
This episode is brought to you by Yumiko and the Town of Vail.

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