(210) Laurie Kanyok, Founder of Kanyok Arts Initiative

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This week we are joined by Laurie Kanyok, founder of the Kanyok Arts Initiative. Laurie has performed on Broadway, television and film. She played the lead roles in Twyla Tharp’s COME FLY AWAY and MOVIN OUT. Her other Broadway credits include FOSSE, SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER, and IN YOUR ARMS. She was the ballet casting consultant for Tony Award winning choreographer Christopher Wheeldon’s An AMERICAN IN PARIS. She is the founder of the Kanyok Arts Initiative, which is preparing emerging artists to meet the demands of collegiate and creative endeavors through performance and collaborative experiences. Today we talk with Laurie about her career, how she was inspired to start this organization, and about her non-profit, FATE Foundation-Kids, which offers free online dance classes to all kids ages 5 and up.

Before we begin, a quick note. This is our final episode of 2020. It has truly been a difficult year for us all, but we are grateful to be able to continue this podcast, talking with people who have extraordinary stories and who are finding ways to be creative and innovative during this time. As we close out this year, we hope that if you are able, you will consider offering support to arts organizations that matter to you and that you want to see survive this challenging time. We have had the pleasure of watching first hand how dance is fighting to survive and adapt and now is a wonderful time to support these efforts. Any amount helps.

Thank you all for listening and for your continued support of our podcast. Thank you to Yumiko for making this podcast possible year after year. We love you all and hope that you have a wonderful and safe holiday season. See you in 2021.






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