(226) Reid & Harriet: Designing Through The Pandemic

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Today we are joined by our friends Reid Bartelme and Harriet Jung. Reid and Harriet are exceptionally talented costume designers working with many of the dance world’s most prolific choreographers. The duo come on the pod this week for their third time to share with us what this past year has been like for them, how they participated in virtual works in the summer of 2020, starting to get back to normal with a commission in Australia last month, and what comes next for them.

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This month, join our friends at Final Bow For Yellowface, as they host the “10,000 Dreams Virtual Choreography Event,” an occasion to celebrate a different choreographer of asian descent every day of Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month. This programming is designed to help elevate Asian American choreographic voices and push past the negative racial tropes that have permeated famous ballets of the past. Join co-founder of Final Bow For Yellowface, Phil Chan, as he moderates a panel of esteemed guests Rohan Barghava, Edward Liaang, Jessica Chen and Brinda Guha on Monday May 3rd, 2021 at 6PM to discuss this project. You can view this event at www.yellowface.org or click the link in the description of this episode.


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