(274) Reimagining lost works of Martha Graham: with Janet Eilber and Christopher Rountree

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Today on ‘Conversations On Dance’, we are joined by Janet Eilber, the artistic director of the Martha Graham Dance Company and Wild Up musical director Christopher Rountree. Janet and Christopher have been working together to revive and re-envision the choreographic works of 20th century giant Martha Graham and their accompanying musical compositions. They talk to us about their process in re-envisioning these works, how they attempt to inhabit the minds of the creative geniuses who bore them, and why these works are still relevant to audiences today. 

The Soraya performing arts venue in Los Angeles, CA has been an integral part of these restoration projects and will be the first to present the latest project ‘The New Canticle for Comedians’, a reimagined upgrade to a Graham work that was almost entirely lost. The premiere of ‘New Canticle’ is this March 19, 2022. If you are in the Los Angeles area, you can find tickets at thesoraya.org or click here for tickets https://www.thesoraya.org/calendar/details/mgdc-2022.



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