(292) Vail Dance Festival 2022 Preview with Artistic Director, Damian Woetzel

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Today we are joined by Vail Dance Festival’s Artistic Director, Damian Woetzel. While we have had Damian on the podcast many times, we ask him about his earliest memories in Vail as a dancer, we talk about some of his memories from over the years, and what to expect from this year’s festival coming to the stage July 29 – August 9. Audiences are in for another great year of new works, classics, new artists, familiar faces, and new collaborations.

For more information on performances, programming, and festival artists, visit the Vail Dance Festival website. Tickets are on sale now at validance.org, or click the link in the description of this episode.


Conversations on Dance at the Vail Dance Festival July 30 – August 9: https://vaildance.org/conversations-on-dance. Tickets on sale now.

Special thanks to the Town of Vail for their support of the Vail Dance Festival and this episode of Conversations on Dance.



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Photo by Christopher Duggan

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