Hosting Appearances

Just as your Conversations On Dance hosts bring a signature blend of thoughtful research, historical knowledge, and respect for audience and guests alike to their podcast, we bring these same qualities into the live arena.   We have been contracted by some of the country's most important arts organizations, including The Kennedy Center, Vail Dance Festival, and San Francisco Ballet.  Explore our past events here.

Capable of hosting events on a wide range of subjects, such as ballet history, famous dancers, choreographers, or ballets, and the various styles and techniques that populate our world, we will tackle your event with the same aplomb you are used to hearing on the weekly podcast.   We confer with our guests and event directors beforehand to ensure that each live event is tailor made to the specific tone, design and length desired. Contact us today to find out how we might enhance your live event to engage guests and audiences on a level that both stimulates passion for the art form, and promotes future engagement with your organization.


Armed with the same broad set of knowledge we bring every week to Conversations On Dance, we are capable of hosting lecture demonstrations on a vast number of dance related topics. These subjects include dance history, discussion and demonstrations of the different styles and techniques commonly used in the ballet world, and analysis of important individuals and works in the dance world.

Having two decades of professional experience between the two of us, we have performed virtually every major choreographer's work and possess an intimate knowledge of these ballets. We have both trained in a myriad of different styles that are necessary to finding success in today's professional ballet world.  We share this knowledge, through lecture demonstrations, as eagerly as we bring out the best in our guests every week on the COD podcast.

Vail Dance Festival - Festival Forum with Lauren Lovette. Photo by Brian Maloney

Your Conversations on Dance hosts are available for a wide variety of live appearances including master classes, lectures, and guest artist opportunities.  For more, please browse the information below.

To book Rebecca and Michael, please email

Master Classes

Your Conversations on Dance hosts, Rebecca King Ferraro and Michael Sean Breeden, are available to teach unique classes that combine a neoclassical style of ballet with dance history, creating a fun and educational experience for students of all ages.

Together, we share with our students a passion for the style of dance required to dance Balanchine ballets, that often varies from the style taught in most schools. Dancers who participate in these master classes can expect to learn about the intricacies and slight variations that make the neoclassical style of ballet so special. Being exposed to different styles of ballet is essential when it comes to company or summer program auditions, allowing students to feel prepared for anything that is thrown their way.

You can expect the same back-and-forth dynamic in the studio that you've come to enjoy on the podcast.  Having two teachers collaborate during classes ensures that each student receives the individual attention they deserve. We spend much of the class emphasizing technique, and encouraging an expansive movement style.

Our master technique classes are appropriate for ages 8 and older.  In addition we offer pointe, variations, and pas de deux for ages 13 and up.  Our classes are always customized to the students needs. For more information, please email us at

Photos by Alexis Ziemski, Brian Maloney, and Collette Mruk


"Presenting Rebecca and Michael for master classes was one of the most valuable experiences we've afforded to burgeoning dancers. Their understanding of the tradition of Balanchine as well as their natural ability to connect with young dancers was a perfect combination. Culminating the day with the Conversations on Dance podcast was an interactive, informative, and exciting way to tie-in the learning of the day. It was an invaluable experience for dancers and their parents."

Jessica Wallis Founder & Executive Director of Ballet in the City


"My daughter Emily absolutely adored Michael and Rebecca. Class was amazing; she loved taking a full Balanchine class. It confirmed to her that it is the style she loves. Their corrections were both things she had heard before and needs to work on, in addition to many new things, which she was excited about. Having a male instructor was also so good for her. Thank you to Ballet in the City and Conversations on Dance for the opportunity to grow her craft and art and to better understand what this world has to offer." 
Kimberly Hain Mother of a COD Master Class student