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With 4.9 stars on Apple Podcasts, here is what some of our listeners are saying:

"This is my favorite podcast! I love love love  the Balanchine focus. Love the interviews so much. I have become so much more educated about ballet and especially American/Balanchine ballet on this podcast." - Apple Podcast review

"Hearing the stories week to week from the guests has been such a fascinating experience about their journey through dance. It's just an amazing podcast. "  - Apple Podcast review

"Rebecca and Michael are so knowledgeable and insightful, each episode exudes their love and passion for the art form.  Having an array of guests and touching on everything from ballet history, role origins, different legacies, and up and coming exciting things happening in the dance world, this is a must listen for any ballet/dance lover. "  - Apple Podcast review

"As a parent of a pre-pro dancer, your podcast has given my husband and I a much clearer understanding of how to help and guide our daughter and support her on this journey!  Such valuable information and lessons on fortitude!  Thank you!!!"  - Apple Podcast review

"This show is what got me into listening to podcasts, and to this day is still my favorite!  I am an aspiring dancer so it is so inspirational to hear from such amazing people all the time.  It is so interesting to listen to, and is executed beautifully."  - Apple Podcast review

"This is one of my favorite podcasts!  I'm a former dancer who is now far removed from the dance world... There is nothing quite like talking about ballet with people who actually know what they are talking about.  This podcast makes me feel like I am on the inside of the dance world again... Thanks for that!"  - Apple Podcast review

"You are just great!!! I’m a retired dancer in Peru, and I get to know all about the new dancers through your podcasts. Saw you live at the Unbound Festival in SF and since then, I’ve listened to every one of your episodes!!"  - Diana
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Testimonials for 2021 Live Events

"It was a treat to meet you both at Vail and to be in the audience for three of your interviews!  I’ve subscribed and enjoyed your podcasts since Jan 2019.  It’s a wonderful resource for dance lovers like me. Thank you very much."  - Peg

"You certainly made my trip to Vail more enjoyable.  Loved the morning conversations.  You are both very good — like your layed -back with good questions style. You don’t make it look like work but I know you were prepared."  - Sheila

"I enjoyed each of the live podcasts a few weeks ago that I attended daily at the Vail Dance Festival at Manor Vail.  What a great treat to learn more in-person from so many of our artists that danced and performed at VDF."  - Jeffrey

"I attended 1/2 your podcast tapings at Vail. I thoroughly enjoyed them. You do a great job of working together and finding the best in your guests... Thank you again for providing an excellent addition to my awesome experience at Vail. KUDOS, KUDOS, KUDOS"  - Norma